BLU VIVO IV Review: The thinnest device on the planet

VIVO IV; a Super Amoled Phone is an impressive device which promises luxury and perfection. It is the latest release of BLU and represents the Gionee S5.5 specifications including 1.7 GHz extra ordinary octa-core processor and a finest camera of 13 mp. This is no doubt the Slimmest Smartphone with the exclusive features of best build from gorilla glass and aluminum. It comes in a really affordable budget and as compared to any other smartphone with same specs, BLU VIVO IV is the best choice. Like other phones available in the market, this extra thin device is also sold unlocked so no worries!

Well, talking about the BLU VIVO IV review, a lot of experts have given their opinion and all of these have one thing in common, the design is just deadly attractive and the hardware is mind blowing! A 5.5 mm thickness, in fact calling it thin would be wrong, but this phone has just blasted every other device which was popular for being thin and extra sleek. So let’s go deeper in the detailed review using following information;

A Super Display with Super Amoled technology

The display is a definite bragging point for BLU VIVO IV phone. It has a high definition 1080p display which looks quite impressive and neat. Just like all of the Amoled devices available, this smartphone has a vivid display with pretty color contrast and a beautiful shine of gorilla glass. If you are one of those people who just love Amoled phones, you will absolutely love this phone.


Sleek design and decent build

Experts say that VIVO IV is the sleekest phone ever! The extra thin and extra light quality of this Slimmest Smartphone is very elegant. Compared to other thin devices like Nexus 5, this one is thinner and cuter in its features. It is a little bit longer than other phones with a charging port on the top and a SIM slot at the right side. Well the volume and power options are at the left side so you can use your hand and fingers to do whatever you want to do with your VIVO IV. Overall, this phone is a great device with a very nice and elegant touch and a decent build which can be a best thing whether you are professional or a teenager.


Performance and features

If you are a VIVO user, you will not find many changes in VIVO IV as it’s basically the next version of already released devices. It’s a simple android version with no customization features and eat to use interface; just perfect for any android lover!


So if you are tired of reading a different VIVO IV review on every different website, you can just stop it and get this device as it is the best looking Amoled phone on the earth till now; nobody knows about the next hit of BLU! The glass body is crafted with a finishing and the aluminum has added luxury to the phone so this is a deal breaker and worth investing phone. The price offered for the phone is also reasonable and you can say that it’s worth every dollar.

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