12 Reasons Why You Need AMOLED Technology Today

Samsung Galaxy-S5 with Amoled ScreenAMOLED phones are the future of the mobile industry. Combining a traditional TFT display with an OLED display, the result is an active matrix. What does this mean for the average user and their touchscreens? It means that you’ll be owning a device that requires zero backlight. That means colors that are true, blacks that are authentic, and faster graphic transfers.

Which phones utilize AMOLED technology? Popular phones today like the Samsung Galaxy series and the Nokia Lumia are just two fantastic options that you have from which to choose. Here are some other reasons why you’re going to want AMOLED technology in your hands today.

Battery Savings Abound

#1. AMOLED phones produce a black color that is so deep that their pixels end up shutting off. If you are able to shut off pixels in your phone, then you can reduce the power requirements that phones like the Blu Vivo need. This means a longer battery life, which is especially important when considering the power consumption of some Android devices.


Fewer Subpixels

#2. The standard touchscreen phone using an LCD display is going to use a red, blue, and green subpixel patten for their display. AMOLED phones like the Blackberry Z30 utilize a red, green, blue, green series of pixelation instead. This small change in the series allows for a third fewer pixels to be used to create the display. This means even more power savings, even if certain images might seem a little grainy when viewed at a certain angle.

Super AMOLED Technology In the Direct Sun

#3. If you purchase a phone with Super AMOLED technology, then you’ll be getting a device that can still be viewed clearly even in direct sunlight. This trend began with the Samsung Galaxy S II and has since transitioned into other phones as well. For practical purposes, this means you can use your mobile device pretty much anywhere and in any light setting.

It’s a Vivid Display

#4. The contrast ratio that you’ll find on AMOLED phones allows for crisper images. This might not seem like that big of a deal… until you decide to watch one of your favorite movies that is streaming directly to your Huawei U9200 Ascend P1 or other equipped device. The image received is authentic with truer colors, providing a more pleasurable experience.

Fewer Headaches

#5. The human eye just isn’t equipped to endure the white backlighting that is at the heart of modern technology. When there is too much white light exposure, the natural reaction of the human body is to adapt to the stresses put upon it. For many people, that means neck strain, shoulder pain, and eventually headaches. With AMOLED technology, because the backlighting issue is removed, the problematic side effects of using modern technology are removed as well.

AMOLED Phones Encompass Multiple Brands

#6. You’ll find Super AMOLED technology on many of today’s best Samsung phones (incl. Samsung Galaxy S5). You’ll find Ultra AMOLED technology on phones like the LG Optimus Sol. All this really means is that you’re using one specific manufacturer’s interpretation of this technology. When compared side-by-side, the displays are remarkably equal.

Wider Viewer Angles

#7. Although LCD displays are sometimes preferred because of their greater light output, AMOLED phones produce wider viewing angles. If you’re trying to share the latest viral video with your friends, then a phone like the Motorola Moto X is going to be able to do the job effectively. Why? With a phone that is all about AMOLED technology, you’re getting a true viewing experience without degree hazing, image reduction, or blurring. It’s an authentic image.

Awesome Photography

#8. With phones like the Nokia 808 PureView becoming equipped with cameras that are 41 MP or greater in resolution, users have a powerful photography tool in their hands. If you need to edit an image properly with some of today’s best filter and image enhancement apps, then you need a display that will give you an authentic image of the digital file. This allows you to create dramatic images from your phone that you can then upload to your preferred social network or even photography sites like 500px.

Fewer Reflections

#9. If you’re tired of seeing background images on your screen, then AMOLED phones are definitely what you want. Although the screens can sometimes wear out a little faster than a more traditional LCD screen, you’ll avoid the many reflections that can distract from the images you’re seeing on the phone. This means better video calls, web browsing, and other usage options

Better Color Profiles

#10. The colors that people see are all slightly different and are often based on personal preferences. When you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S5 in your hands, then you’ll have a number of different color profiles from which to choose so that you are in control of the hue saturation. This gives you more flexibility to adapt your phone to your environment as well.

Future Proof

#11. A mobile device that is equipped with Super AMOLED technology is essentially future proof in regards to HD display viewing. As more devices and networks come equipped to be able to handle 4k streaming, Ultra HD will become more in demand. AMOLED phones and tablets have the advantage over all other screens, like the TFT or traditional Oled options because of their authentic colors.

Smaller and Lighter

#12. Because there is nothing to block the light output of the display, AMOLED phones can be lighter and slimmer because there’s no need for a backlight unit. Think about the versatility that mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are able to provide just because of their design! That’s why Super AMOLED technology from Samsung is such a great benefit to have in your hands.

Do you want to future proof your smartphone? If you make an AMOLED comparison with any other screen, you’re going to find that these equipped mobile devices will come out ahead every single time. Use these advantages to your benefit by selecting one of the best AMOLED phones today!

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